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Allergies or Headcold?

October 3rd, 2011

Are you experiencing a sore throat, headache, sinus congestion or any of the myriad symptoms thatplague many people in the Fall season? Sometimes it is difficult to tell if you are just affected by allergiesor you have managed to catch a head cold or the ever-circulating flu bug. I have had several patients inthe last two weeks with upper respiratory disturbances that included all the symptoms of allergies andthose of the common cold. People had already been greatly affected by the recent fires, complaining ofsore throats, as well as itching and burning eyes. Now with the molds high and the emergence of fallelm and ragweed allergens, the combination of irritants continues to wreak havoc on the respiratory andimmune systems. Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with allergies, colds and flu.

1. Go to your alternative health practitioner at the first sign of cold or flu. I can frequently useacupuncture and herbal remedies to stop a cold or flu from ever taking hold or most definitelydecrease dramatically the severity of the episode. It is important to get a treatment within the first24 to 36 hours of your first symptom.

2. If you have allergies, there are many natural or herbal solutions to help alleviate symptoms, aswell as deal with underlying weaknesses. I could give you lists of herbs that help, but it is betterto have a formula made of herbs that are specific to your needs and symptoms, as well as yourown personal body constitution.

3. Continue to see a health practitioner after your particular allergies are resolved. This is theperfect time to work on building a stronger immune system. When the air born allergens return,your body will be better able to fight them off, and with fewer and fewer symptoms. Be patientwith this part of the process.

If you really want a list of some herbs and home remedies that will help, you can:
Take your Vitamin C and D. It is believed that the flu outbreaks increase in the winter due to declininglevels of vitamin D from a lack of sun exposure. Drink lemon balm tea and try some elderberry extract;both have antiviral properties. Elderberry has been shown to decrease the duration and intensity of the fluin some clinical trials. There have been studies done that suggest taking NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) helpsto reduce the incidence and has shown milder flu symptoms. There are many remedies to help with cold,flu, and allergies.
Ultimately, take yourself to a health practitioner you trust and let us take care of you. That is what we aretrained to do, and we love helping people with their health and wellness.

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