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Mammogram Hell

September 23rd, 2014

“Your mammogram has some areas of concern.” There it is; the sentence no woman wants to hear. You are then told to schedule more mammograms and then an ultrasound. If you are lucky they tell you that you are fine, it was just a cyst, or a very fibrous area and you are relieved. I you are not so lucky, they tell you that you must come back in for a breast biopsy. This whole set of procedures are terribly uncomfortable and disconcerting for most people.

Many thoughts will go through your head, mostly of the disastrous and tragic variety. Even the most fearless of us, the most optimistic will have some fear. Next an appointment with a surgeon is made. We go and fill out another set of papers that look suspiciously like the last set of papers we filled out for the initial mammogram, and then more for the second mammogram and ultrasound. By now we are so familiar with our own medical history we are dreaming it at night and really getting somewhat desensitized to the whole affair.

Finally, arriving at the hospital 45 minutes prior to the procedure and talking to my surgeon, a fresh faced, smiling doctor who I think looks like she’s about 17 years old. The biopsy takes about half an hour and is very uncomfortable, followed by the nurse binding my entire chest with an ace bandage that feels like an elephant sitting on my diaphragm rendering me breathless. Nonetheless, I am relieved and happy that this is over and I can go home.

Post biopsy is the hardest time for most women. Now is when you wait. You wait for the call from your doctor. You wait for the news that will impact your life, one way or another. Here is what I did, and I hope it helps some women to find a way to stay sane and in the present moment. I am not particularly a “pre-worrier” about things that have not happened yet. So, on the day of the biopsy, my friends came to my house for our usual Friday “Happy Hour.” I spent several hours laughing and feeling all of my friends love and support. I feel intensely grateful for these amazing, fearless women who have traveled on this life journey with me for over twenty years. I remember the last lunch escapade we had together, we played a game of coming up with one word that described each of us. I recall that the word my friends came up with for me was “fierce.” I feel at the deepest part of me that this is true. I have many qualities; some I love and others I strive to transform. But my fierceness, I embrace and hold near to me now. I know that whatever unfolds in my life, that I am loved, I am safe, and I am fiercely strong.

I work with women in my holistic health practice, and I feel qualified to say, that inside every woman……….again……EVERY WOMAN………. there is a core of strength that is inviolate.

Inviolate – Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus
untouchable, inviolable, safe from harm; untouched, undamaged, unhurt, unharmed, unscathed; unspoiled, unflawed, unsullied, unstained, undefiled, unprofaned, perfect, pristine, pure; intact, unbroken, whole, entire, complete.

Enough said.

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