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Lotus Photo “Every being is born for a certain purpose, and the light of that purpose is kindled in its soul”

 — Saadi, 12th century Sufi poet.

Spiritual Mentoring and Life Coaching

I offer private sessions to individuals who are seeking clarity and support during times of crisis or when you are feeling “stuck” or overwhelmed by your current career, relationships, or life in general. Sessions are available in person, as well as, by telephone.

I provide workshops and seminars that address career, relationships, personal empowerment, and any life issues that present an obstacle to your success, confidence, and contentment.

I will help you learn strategies to empower yourself and create the life you want. My goal is that you leave each session with a renewed sense of hope, clarity, and self assurance, along with practical tools to help you make the necessary changes for your own personal and life transformation.

The important thing is to learn from life’s bumps and bruises, to become stronger instead of being damaged or destroyed by them. I can help you recognize the strengths that will support you and be the catalyst for achieving the kind of life you deserve.

What you can expect:

I do an intake for your health history and life. This allows me to tap into you; your physical and emotional state and well being. I get information through intuition, impressions, and emotional awareness that is mostly coming directly from you to me during this time of deep connection.

I will help you along the journey of self-exploration, looking at your personal life, relationships, career, and health. I can help you deal with every area of your life and how it is impacting you—emotionally or physically—so that you can move through the difficulties, learn valuable lessons, then grow and thrive from them. This work is about taking total responsibility for your life and your health, and creating a more joyous, vibrant, successful, and powerful person—You!

Through the use of life coaching, acupuncture, herbal formulas, and microcurrent electrotherapy, I will help you achieve the very best health on every level.

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